Portfolio Management Expertise

Laurus Investment Counsel is the premier North American equity specialist available to discerning fiduciaries in the Canadian investment market.

WhatWeOffer_image1Our disciplined fundamental investment process is focused on investing in high-quality, wealth-creating companies trading below a conservatively estimated intrinisic value. We endeavor to provide our clients with a unique service that utilizes our considerable experience and adaptable technology to help clients better understand our investments and the value to their portfolio.

  • We are consciously structured to align our interests with those of our clients. We help our clients understand why we invest as we do and the value those investments add to their portfolio.
  • We pride ourselves on our extensive industry knowledge, our detailed understanding of each and every company we are invested in, and our zealous pursuit of exceeding client expectations.
  • We foster an investment culture that avoids emotional decisions and promotes independent thought.


We offer investors participation in two small cap pooled funds:

Laurus also provides retail investors access to their investments through a mutual fund arranged by AlphaDelta Management Corp.