Our Vision

To be recognized by our clients as the very best in our singular discipline

This can only be achieved by adhering to three primary tenets:


First and foremost, it’s our fiduciary duty to protect client assets. It’s been said that the best offense is a great defense.


The beneficial results of our dedication to high-quality, growth-oriented companies has been proven by the sustainable investment growth we have provided for clients over the years.


Sticking to our proven, systematic, and disciplined approach — regardless of the market outlook — mitigates the risk of captial impairment.

Our Principles


Our principles serve to guide the development of the firm and our relationship with clients.
  • Own great businesses
  • Focus on absolute return and risk
  • Remain focused on our core investment competency
  • Be highly transparent and communicative
We believe talent can thrive in a simple environment that focuses on our client goals.

Our ownership structure ensures continuity. Our investment culture avoids emotional decisions and fosters independent thought. And we invest our personal money alongside our clients.